Welcome to Mountain Medicine Holistic Health!

Our bodies want to be healthy. The universe has supplied us with a bounty of nutritious food and medicinal plants to keep us fortified. We must take responsibility for our own wellbeing. But, sometimes it takes a bit of guidance and encouragement from a trained holistic professional to get us back on track.

We are perfectly imperfect and each of us has a different lifestyle, genetic constitution, disposition, and health profile. Dr. Young assesses each client’s unique needs based upon a non-invasive physical examination, a completed questionnaire, and photographs of each eye.

Recommendations for improved health may consist of a lifestyle change (eating plan, exercise, etc.), herbal supplementation (most of the medicinal herbs used in tinctures and dried form are collected from the wild on Dr. Young’s 160-acre Fox Chase Farm), vibrational therapies, vitamins/minerals, hypnosis, meditation, or a referral to a medical specialist for testing or treatment. The objective of holistic modalities is to restore your body to its natural state of health so that you not only feel better – you are better.